For Carers

For Carers

The Sacred Nest is a calm, welcoming space especially created to be an inclusive environment for carers and their families. ‘The nest’ offers carers a special place to rest, recharge and rebalance in tranquil, natural surroundings. Every element has been carefully chosen to construct a singular ‘sacred’ space that soothes the senses, and in turn the mind and the body. For more information on its unique design, click here.

Cynthia Bartolo is the creator of The Sacred Nest and says: “I am a carer, and we all know that the journey can be isolating and lonely, so I designed a space where carers not only take time for themselves, but also feel a real sense of belonging. My journey has led me to many experiences and onto further my studies in a variety of fields. I incorporate these into the services and programs provided. I offer you what I have found most useful for me and my family with compassion and understanding”.

Cynthia’s aim is to support fellow carers on their journey to wellbeing for themselves, their family and the person/s they are caring for. 

The Sacred Nest focuses on the following goals:

Please view our Calendar of Events for a list of upcoming workshops, groups and retreats. 

For links to oganisations that can provided support for carers, go to CARER RESOURCES.