Stillness Meditation

‘Stillness Meditation assists the Natural Regulation of the Nervous System through Deep Mental Rest’


  • Individual and Group sessions
  • No experience necessary
  • Relaxed and Supportive approach
  • 1 hour duration

Stillness Meditation is a group that is based upon the Stillness Meditation Therapy(SMT) technique developed by the late Dr. Ainslie Meares, and continued by Pauline McKinnon.

SMT is a simple yet profound form of meditation that not only promotes relaxation during the session, it also helps to ‘train’ the brain and body to achieve more long-term composure and anxiety relief.

Your teacher will provide guidance and support to help you to move through any discomfort that may come up for you. Warm, reassuring hands placed on your shoulders on occasion during the meditation session provide a therapeutic touch experience that is unique to the SMT technique. This is of course optional.

By practicing regularly, you will build upon pathways in the nervous system that promote a more balanced state for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Join me and our welcoming community as we learn to explore the experience of stillness together within the serene, nurturing space of The Sacred Nest.

Cynthia Bartolo

Accredited SMT Teacher.