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Support Programs

Our support programs enable clients to access our therapy services and provide opportunities for a hands-on approach to compliment their therapy goals. Programs are tailored to the specific interests, talents and goals of each client, using what makes them SHINE to power their engagement and success.

“Our philosophy is to support and empower clients to make informed, positive choices for improved physical, mental and emotional health.”

All support sessions focus on increasing access to natural environments, activities and learning opportunities within the community. There is always an emphasis on healthy eating and lifestyle choices and encouraging a balance between technology use and time spent in nature or engaging in mindful activities.

Below are examples of focus areas and activities that we can access together, with new ideas always welcome!

  • Calming & Relaxation – meditation, therapeutic touch & sound programs, yoga.
  • Growth Mindset – in-the-moment coaching and encouragement in everything that we do.
  • Food & Nutrition – healthy eateries, nutrition coaching, shopping & cooking support.
  • Healthy Movement – sports, dancing, exercise programs, roller skating, swimming, yoga.
  • Nature Immersions – country drives or train journeys, nature walks, open gardens, farms, gardening, boat rides, canoeing.
  • Animals & Wildlife – sanctuaries, zoos, aquariums, animal farms,  equine therapy.
  • Museums and History –  Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, Planetarium, Sovereign Hill.
  • Creative Arts & Culture – art & craft activities, gallery visits, theater shows, dance & music performances, art therapy, music therapy.
  • Social & Community – social outings, new friendships, group-based activities and clubs.
  • Allied Health Therapies provided at The Sacred Nest.


All support sessions are provided by Cynthia Bartolo, who is a Food Scientist and Integrative Wellbeing Therapist with experience and training in nutrition and gut health, sensory processing, stillness meditation and other modalities. More information can be found on the ‘About the Founder‘ page.

Cynthia is passionate about mentoring others to reduce time spent on technology and devices and enjoy the sensory experience and health benefits of being in the natural world. She loves connecting with a diverse range of people and supporting their growth by harnessing the special interests, skills and talents that are unique to them.

The Sacred Nest is classified as a non-registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Cynthia is also listed on the NDIS Worker Screening Database, after meeting the requirements set by the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission in 2021. Our services are therefore fully claimable by self-managed and plan-managed NDIS clients.


A comprehensive assessment form is used to discover the individual interests and goals of each client, to ensure that the program delivered is engaging and client-focused for better outcomes.

Session Costs are in line with current NDIS rates for Disability Support Workers, which vary depending on day and time of each session. (Note that Evenings >8pm and Public Holidays are also available at a higher rate).

Support sessions are available during weekdays and weekends, please Contact Us to discuss availability and bookings or call Cynthia on 0417 500 197.

Limited spaces available due to the bespoke nature of this program.

Want to know more?

Click the button to message us with your enquiries or to schedule a phone call. Alternatively, you can call Cynthia on 0417 500 197 or email us directly.