Therapeutic Touch Session


Therapeutic Touch or TT combines traditional knowledge with modern scientific understanding of the body’s nervous system and energy field to support relaxation and healing. Underpinned by a strong evidence base, it has been used for over 50 years alongside mainstream healthcare by nurses and other medical practitioners around the world. Founded in New York in 1972, the modality has been taught around the world including universities. For more TT history, visit the Australasian TTAA website.

Therapeutic Touch is a process that uses compassion and intention to connect with the client, fostering feelings of support and deep relaxation. 

On a physical level, touch is an important sense that can trigger feelings of safety or danger, depending on its use and intention. The body’s automatic reaction is largely based on interpretation of sensory cues by the Vagus Nerve. Gentle touch is used by the TT practitioner from a calm, grounded and compassionate state. With clear intention to help the client, this energy has a positive effect on the clients nervous system by enhancing feelings of safety and support. The body shifts into the vagal state of ‘rest and digest’, creating deep relaxation and calm.

Although there are less studies on the effects that energy has on the nervous system, most of us can relate to experiencing different energy when we are in different spaces or with certain people. Children in particular are very sensitive to their parents’ energy, sensing stress and anxiety even when it is well masked. TT practitioners are trained to pick up subtle cues in each client, as they attune to their energetic state, and use therapeutic touch to create balance and harmony. 


Although many benefits have been recorded, studies show that TT can:

  • Lower anxiety
  • Reduce pain
  • Enhance healing and recovery
  • Provide symptom relief
  • Settle behaviour
  • Provide comfort in palliative care

Therapeutic Touch has also been shown to stabilise blood pressure, calm children and families, improve sleep and increase intuition and creativity.


TT is also beneficial for anyone needing relaxation and compassionate attention. It is suitable for all ages and abilities from infants to the elderly. TT is particularly suited to:

  • Persons experiencing anxiety and stress
  • Carers and the people they care for
  • Parents and families
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Aged care residents, dementia care and palliative care
  • Healthcare staff
  • Pregnancy and birthing

Each session is performed fully clothed, either sitting in a chair or lying down. Bookings are a total of 60 minutes, with the treatment time depending on the age and needs of each client, usually 20-40 minutes. 

Initial sessions are typically 90 minutes in total, including discussion, treatment and rest time to enhance the process. Follow up sessions are usually 1 hour. Treatment time may vary depending on client age and assessed needs. To experience a TT session for yourself, contact us today.

Initial session cost is $90, follow up sessions are $75.


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