Stillness Meditation Therapy

  • Individual, Family and Group sessions
  • No experience necessary
  • Relaxed and Supportive approach
  • 1 hour duration

Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT) is a meditation technique developed by the late Dr. Ainslie Meares, and continued by Pauline McKinnon - founder of the Meditation Association of Australia.

SMT is a simple yet profound form of meditation that not only promotes relaxation during the session, it also helps to 'train' the brain and body to achieve more long-term composure and anxiety relief.

Stillness Meditation Therapy assists the natural regulation of the nervous system through deep mental rest. 

As your teacher, I will provide guidance and support to help you to move through any discomfort that may come up for you. Warm, reassuring hands placed on your shoulders on occasion during the meditation session provide a therapeutic touch experience that is unique to the SMT technique. This is of course optional. 

By practicing regularly, you will build upon pathways in the nervous system that promote a more balanced state for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Join me for either individual, family or group sessions as we learn to explore the experience of stillness together within the serene, nurturing space of The Sacred Nest.

Cynthia Bartolo

Accredited SMT Teacher

Member of the Meditation Association of Australia


Therapeutic Touch

  • Evidence-Based Energy Modality
  • Compassion focused
  • Deep Relaxation and relief
  • Duration:  1 hour

Therapeutic Touch is an evidence-based natural healing modality founded on the premise that the body, mind and emotions form a dynamic energy field, which includes and extends beyond the physical body.

Therapeutic Touch practitioner promotes wellbeing by helping to restore balance to your field, using their hands to focus universal energy with intention and compassion.

Therapeutic Touch combines traditional knowledge with modern scientific understanding of the body’s energy field, and has been used for over 50 years in healthcare to help support the healing process.

Cynthia Bartolo

Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, QTTPA

Member of the Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia

The Nourished Nest

Practical Nutrition Services to Support Individuals, Families and Schools 
  • Education & Support Programs 
  • Individuals, Families and Schools
Specialising in gut health, food allergy & intolerance, special needs and fussy eating.

A client-focused, unique approach to food and nutrition, which provides programs and consultations that aim to provide:

  • Education to help you to make sustainable, informed choices
  • Guidance to better understand your specific health needs
  • Support to help you to navigate and understand information on food labels, including ingredient listings, health claims, nutritional panels and allergy statements
  • Shopping sessions, product suggestions and substitutions
  • Supportive email and SMS service to answer queries when you need it
Cynthia Bartolo

Holistic Food Scientist & Nutritionist

  • BAppSc(FoodSc&Tech), RMIT
  • GCertHumNutrition, Deakin
  • Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP)
white house under maple trees

Low Tox Living

Supporting clients to achieve a more Balanced, Natural Home and Lifestyle to improve Health and Wellbeing

Discover the physical, chemical and technological sources of stress on the body and learn practical ways to reduce them for a more balanced home and lifestyle – one more connected to nature for improved health and wellbeing.  

  • Education & Support Programs 
  • Homes, Offices and Schools

This program provides education and support for clients to achieve the following:

  • Reduce over-stimulation in your home, office or school for improved mood, learning, productivity and behaviour
  • Limit toxic chemicals and pollutants in your home and personal products to reduce stress on both your body and on the earth
  • Include more natural elements into your home, office or school to enhance mood and air quality
  • Learn techniques to reduce infalmmation and calm your nervous system to improve mental, physical and emotional health
  • Achieve a balance between technology use and time in nature
Cynthia Bartolo

Holistic Food Scientist & Nutritionist

  • BAppSc(FoodSc&Tech), RMIT
  • GCertHumNutrition, Deakin 
  • Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP) 
  • Quality Assurance and Safety Specialist
  • Accredited Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT) Teacher
  • Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP) 
  • Radiation Assessment & Advice