Are you caring for someone at home or work? Tired, stressed and burnt-out but need to keep caring? The creator of The Sacred Nest is a carer herself and knows all to well how stressful, isolating and lonely the journey can be. Cynthia has created an inclusive ‘nest’ where clients and carers can rest and recharge, away from the often over-stimulating environment. For more information on its unique design or to create a similar space in your own home, click here.

Carer Wellbeing

Often overlooked or put aside due to feelings of guilt and overwhelm, carer wellbeing is the foundation of every family nest. Without a strong foundation to the nest, the eggs within cannot feel safe and thrive. This is the same for human families, something that Cynthia realised nine years into her caring journey. Using her lived-experiences combined with her professional knowledge, Cynthia delivers compassion-focused programs that have helped her to become more balanced and resilient, to meet the demands of each day.

Why is it important?

We all deserve to live healthy, fulfilling lives, regardless of the challenges we face. Living with long-term stress can have many debilitating consequences such as accelerated ageing, increased risk of developing inflammatory conditions and mental health concerns. For carers, it is important to practice self-care so that they can keep on caring without wearing out, which benefits everyone in your caring circle. Co-regulation is another important aspect to wellbeing, as the people that are receiving care are often sensitive to the mood and energy of their carers. By allowing time to care for themselves, carers are actually improving their connection with their loved ones and investing in their future care.

How can we help?

We support carers on their journey to wellbeing through the following offerings:

  • Carer Wellbeing Circle – morning teas and social outings alternated with restorative practices such as Therapeutic Touch and Stillness Meditation.
  • Replenished for Care – 1-day workshop for both paid and unpaid carers who want to learn skills to balance and restore their own energy so that they can keep on caring.
  • Visit our Nurture and Nourish pages to discover more programs for both carers and their families.

For links to organisations that can provided support for carers, go to CARER RESOURCES.

Get in touch with us to arrange a phone call to determine which program is right for you.