The Sacred Nest

A nurturing place of belonging

A nest is a beautiful symbol of nurturing, patience and love. The Sacred Nest was built with this in mind – and in honour of nature – to create a calming, inner city haven from the over-stimulation of our modern environment. The Sacred Nest offers visitors a special place to achieve the peace and balance required for their own healthy nest – the family nest, the community nest and most importantly – the inner nest.

Our modern environment affects us in many ways – our mood, health, energy levels and posture. The aim of The Sacred Nest is to provide a space to educate and guide visitors on various ways to achieve more balance within the modern world. Balance in Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment.

There is a strong focus on developing a healthy, balanced connection
between the physical body and the natural environment.

Take a look at the Nest Offerings page to see what services we offer, as well as our Events page for scheduled workshops, courses and retreats.

The Sacred Nest can also be hired out for training and group activities, refer to the Hire the Nest page.


A Time to Nest

This is a time to nest. Time to not only get the physical jobs done around the home, but also for resting our body and for self-reflection. We may never

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Pathways to Stillness

I am so excited to reveal my new ‘Pathways to Stillness’ program, which invites participants to experience a diverse range of practices that lead to stillness. Each week we will

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“If you look the right way, 
you can see that the whole world is a garden”

– Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden