The Sacred Nest


Unfold at your own Rhythm

The Sacred Nest Wellbeing Centre is a unique, inner-city sanctuary that hosts a variety of experiences for visitors wishing to achieve greater peace and balance for themselves and their families.  It was purpose built with every element carefully chosen to create a special or ‘sacred’ space that calms the senses, and in turn the mind and the body. 

Although The Sacred Nest welcomes all visitors, it holds a special connection for carers and their families. The added demands of being a carer require even more opportunity to rest, recharge and rebalance.  As a carer myself, I understand the journey well and the isolation that it often creates. This experience inspired me to create The Sacred Nest as a place of belonging for other carers and the people that they care for. For more information, go to our page For Carers.

                                                                            Cynthia Bartolo,   Founder & Director

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