The Sacred Nest


Nurturing Families, Carers and Kids

The Sacred Nest is a unique, nature-inspired sensory space in the inner-city of Melbourne. It hosts a variety of therapies and programs that harness the senses to nurture individuals, families, children and teens. It was purpose built with every element carefully chosen to create a special or ‘sacred’ space that reduces over-stimulation to calm the mind and body.

The Sacred Nest welcomes visitors of all abilities. As a carer myself, I understand journey well – the extra demands and isolation that a carer often faces. This experience inspired me to create The Sacred Nest as a place of belonging for other carers and the people that they care for. For more information, go to our Carer’s Page.

Because we experience the world through 7 different senses, The Sacred Nest offers programs that target each of the senses to enhance their function individually and as a whole. Details of our programs can be found on the Services page. We also welcome schools to visit our space and enjoy a tailored class or activity to suit their needs.                                                    

Wellbeing through the Senses...

Soft, calming colours, natural materials, living plants and surrounding garden. Stillness Meditation Therapy.
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Therapeutic Listening Programs - Safe & Sound Protocol and iLs Focus Programs. Calming sounds from the surrounding garden.
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Therapeutic Touch Treatments & Stillness Meditation Therapy, Family Meditation sessions.
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Food and Nutrition Programs for Gut-Brain Health
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Natural scents, low VOC products, Food and Nutrition Programs
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Vestibular System Training through the iLs Focus Program.
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Body Awareness
Proprioception training through the iLs Focus Program
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Our programs are NDIS claimable for self & plan-managed participants


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