Built in 2016, The Sacred Nest is a calming, natural sensory space offering programs designed to nourish the brain and body for improved emotional and physical health and wellbeing. We work with people of all ages and abilities, with a soft spot for families, carers and neurodiverse clients.

Through our senses we experience the world… and the home has the greatest influence on these experiences. Our programs support clients to achieve more calm and emotional regulation by understanding how their home environment can nurture, nourish and replenish them. We do this through three key offerings….


We are certified to provide the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP),  a 5-hour acoustic vagus nerve stimulation program that uses music to shift the nervous system to a calmer state. With a renewed sense of safety, anxiety is reduced, leading to improved behaviour and emotional regulation. Within the family nest, connection and relationships are enhanced. Opportunities for learning and social engagement are also improved outside the home. We also guide clients on creating safe sensory spaces in their own home, using the natural elements and scientific knowledge used to create The Sacred Nest.


We are passionate about food and the impact that it can have on developing minds and bodies and throughout the whole of life. With a focus on gut health and the latest research on food, mood and mental health, we educate clients to understand what this means for them and their family. Our goal is to support clients to achieving better health and wellbeing through preparing and enjoying nourishing meals at home, one fork at a time.


We understand the demands that caring brings, whether it be as a unpaid carer to family members with additional needs, elderly parents or regular parenting. Or perhaps you are a paid carer who is tired and burnt out. The Sacred Nest offers a calming space to unwind and reconnect with yourself, offering opportunities to connect with fellow carers or learn some self-care techniques for yourself in your own home.

Individual Clients

We work with individual clients to achieve their unique health and wellbeing goals. All of our programs are evidence-based and holistic, looking at the whole person. Our model is to empower clients with knowledge and tools to to reduce anxiety and improve quality of life via lifestyle changes they can do at home. From nutrition counselling, understanding gut health and the vagus nerve to designing sensory spaces, we can help you.


Home and family are at the heart of our work, as we understand the vital role that carers play. When a family member is experiencing a significant mental or physical health condition, this can impact the whole family. We work with families to achieve greater understanding of some of the triggers causing anxiety in the home, such as over-stimulation from technology and sensory processing issues. We offer evidence-based polyvagal therapies such as the  Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and welcome parents and carer’s to our Replenish programs to learn self-care strategies that will benefit the whole family.

NDIS Participants

We are an inclusive space and welcome NDIS participants of all ages and their carers. Most of our programs are fully claimable for self and plan-managed participants. We also assist clients with planning and review processes by providing progress reports based on your goals. Improve your health and wellbeing with ease, knowing you have the support you need.

How To Get In Touch

Please email us or complete the contact form below. Alternatively, you can call us on 0417 500 197.

The Sacred Nest is located in Ascot Vale, not far from Flemington Racecourse and just outside of the Melbourne CBD on the 59 tram. Free street parking is also available.

Online appointments are also available for some services.

Limited venue hire is also available, please contact us for more information.

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Our programs and services are for both private and NDIS funded clients.

Most of our services can be claimed by self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants.