Drawing inspiration from nature, The Sacred Nest was designed in 2016 by Cynthia Bartolo to create a calming sensory space that promotes relaxation of the mind and body. Cynthia is passionate about finding tangible examples of our human connection to nature, as it is this understanding or ‘remembering’ that was the key to her own wellbeing journey.

The space is decorated using soft, muted colours and natural materials, with ample natural light. The surrounding garden and water feature provide soothing sounds, scents and textures that flow into the nest via large bi-fold doors.

Every aspect of the design has been researched to ensure that the space can welcome visitors who are highly sensitive to their environment. Careful consideration has been given to aspects such as the VOC content of paints, colours and lighting. On a spiritual and energetic level, the space was blessed both before and after its construction, including a traditional smoking ceremony by an Aboriginal Elder.

The result is a special or ‘sacred’ space inviting visitors to reconnect with nature and to themselves.

You are most welcome to leave the over-stimulation of the modern environment behind as you step into the garden and nest for a therapy session, group, or workshop.

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