Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an acoustic vagus nerve stimulation program that uses sound to increase feelings of safety which in-turn helps to improve regulation, behavior, and engagement with others. The program is 5 hours in duration, delivered over 5 or more days, depending on the client needs.

The SSP re-tunes the nervous system to bring about a sense of emotional safety, which opens the door to self-confidence, social interaction, and successful learning.

Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, the program is derived from nearly four decades of research on the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and social-emotional processes. It is designed to stimulate nervous system regulation by exercising and challenging the auditory system (hearing) with specifically processed music. As a “bottom-up” approach, it helps lay the foundations for higher learning.


SSP is suitable for ages and abilities from pre-school to adults and the elderly. For NDIS clients who are self-managed or plan-managed costs are fully claimable.

SSP is especially beneficial for clients who are affected by:

  • anxiety and trauma
  • hyper-arousal and defensiveness
  • emotional regulation difficulties
  • developmental disorders, including autism
  • attention difficulties
  • social engagement difficulties
  • auditory processing difficulties
  • communication difficulties


The music trains the auditory pathways by focusing on the frequencies of human speech. As the client learns to process these speech-related frequencies, they improve the functioning of two cranial nerves that are important for promoting overall social behavior. Cranial Nerve VII (Facial Nerve) helps clients focus on human voice and tune out irrelevant frequencies. Cranial Nerve X (Vagus Nerve) enables self-soothing and autonomic regulation.

Following successful completion of the intervention, individuals will be better able to focus in school, therapy, and everyday life and experience a calmed emotional and physiological state.  This is based on studies that suggest that skills such as attention, state regulation and the ability to engage socially will be enhanced.


The SSP can be used to reduce defensiveness, making the client more open to other therapies, and even accelerate the therapeutic process. It is a valuable addition to current therapies being undertaken.


As the delivery environment is important to the success of the intervention, the SSP is delivered in the sensory calming environment of The Sacred Nest. Efforts to maintain a calm environment in the home during the  intervention is also important, which will be discussed in the intake process.

Alternatively, remote delivery in your own home can be arranged during times when access to the studio is not possible due to government restrictions or if this is what you prefer. We can work with you to design a program that meets your needs.