Over the last few decades, research has revealed that the gut is not only the digestive centre of the body, it plays a major role in the immune system, hormone regulation and the nervous system. Often referred to as the ‘second brain’, the gut (and the food you put into it) can influence mood, behaviour and learning. In fact, your gut health influences the health of your entire body.
Unfortunately our modern lifestyle and diet tend to be more inflammatory than nourishing. This causes damage to the gut lining, resulting in a cascade effect on our overall health. Apart from the obvious symptoms of  bloating, digestive pain, reflux, constipation and/or diarrheoa; poor gut health is also associated with allergies and intolerances, skin conditions, fatigue, headaches, migranes, sleep disorders, chronic pain, poor focus, impaired memory and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.


Everyone can benefit from improving their gut health. You may fall into one or more of these categories:
  • to improve your mental and physical health for greater wellbeing
  • to reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions, such as those listed above
  • to nourish your children for improved mental and physical development, emotional regulation and learning
  • To nourish your body in preparation for a new baby


The Nourished Nest is a unique program created by Cynthia Bartolo that aims to:
  1. Educate you on the interactions between the gut and the rest of your body, and how food and lifestyle choices influence these interactions.
  2. Guide you through informative handouts based on the latest in gut health research and nutrition. Rather than prescribing a ‘diet’, you will be empowered to make your own informed choices to better nourish your body.
  3. Support you as you learn to implement changes that you determine are achievable and sustainable for you and your family. This is often the hardest part for many people and is a major focus of the program.

Cynthia speaks from first-hand experience and says, “As a consumer with gut issues myself, and as a mother raising children with food intolerances and special needs, I have experienced the confusion of navigating my way to better health. It is with this understanding and empathy that I will guide and support you to nourish yourself and your own family nest”.

Using her knowledge from over 15 years in the food industry as a food technologist and Quality Assurance Specialist, Cynthia will empower you by providing training to better understand:

  • How your food is grown, processed and packaged and the impacts this has on your gut as well as on the environment
  • Different food certifications and their benefits: organic, bio-dynamic, spray free, free range, grass fed etc.
  • Food additive types, their different functions in food and effects on the body
  • Food label information including ingredient listings, allergy statements, nutrition panels and health claims


Single consultations are available as well as specialised Support Programs which are delivered over a number of weeks. Support Programs allow time for greater understanding and opportunity for change. Cynthia is available to support you during this time with shopping trips, cooking sessions and any text or email queries that you may have.  

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Cynthia Bartolo
Food Scientist, Nutritionist, CGP

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