A nurturing space of belonging…… to Unfold at your own Rhythm.

The Sacred Nest is a sanctuary that I originally created for my family as a natural, calming space away from the over-stimulation of the modern environment.

Any nest is a place of nurturing, of patience and love. The Sacred Nest offers visitors a space to achieve the balance required for a healthy nest – the family nest, the friendship nest and most importantly – the inner nest.

Our modern environment affects us in many ways – our mood, health, energy levels and posture. But perhaps the most important influence is on the development of children.  The aim of The Sacred Nest is to provide a space to educate and guide visitors on various ways to achieve more balance in this modern world. Balance in Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment. 

The Sacred Nest offers a diverse range of programs and activities that nurture a healthy connection to the self, as well as to the natural environment. The Sacred Nest can also be hired out by like-minded practitioners for training and group activities.

Some of the services on offer are:        

  • Adult Meditation Group
  • Family Meditation Group
  • Gut Health Consultations
  • Gut Health Workshops
  • Gut Health Groups
  • ‘Body Maps’ Posture and Movement Program
  • ‘Connected Kids’ Sensory Development Program
  • Venue Hire – Training and Groups

There is a strong focus on developing a healthy, balanced connection between the physical body and the natural environment.